House Raising & Lifting in Leander

House Raising & Lifting in Leander

We place a great deal of value in that which keeps our family safe from harm, making our homes one of our largest investments. You have put a lot of time, money, and trust in your home’s integrity, so encountering problems with its foundation can feel daunting. At Bats Foundation Repair of Leander, our Leander area foundation repair company specialists can help guide you towards finding the foundation repair solution that will restore your home’s safety and value for years to come.

Since the home is never disconnected from its foundation or moved away from its existing footprint, Bats Foundation Repair of Leander’s method of lifting homes is far less invasive than a traditional lift. As a result, the risks of traditional lifting and moving are greatly reduced. Some of the great benefits of our method include the fact that the homeowners are not required to vacate the house for months in advance. If the local officials and utility companies cooperate, the time spent vacating will be one to two weeks rather than several months. Essentially, the process is a “Sustainable Solution” because no new timber resources are used—the old ones are simply “recycled” to a new height. With a grade beam attached, our helical system offers a secure foundation. Compared to homes elevated on timber pilings, this provides better protection against sway on windy days.

How We Can Help!

We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured foundation repair contractor in Leander, Texas. We offer a wide range of services, which include:

  • Foundation Replacement
  • Piering
  • House Raising
  • And More House Lifting Services!

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Foundation Replacement

Experts have to lift a home’s foundation to repair damage caused by soil movement. This is doable by lifting the foundation. It is necessary to fix foundation problems in order to raise a house accordingly, due to the fact that the process of “piering” is used to accomplish this. A part of the procedure necessary in the repair of a foundation that has been damaged is called piering, which involves the installation of vertical piers that are inserted firmly into the soil in the area beneath the damaged part.


With the help of piering, foundation damage in shifting expansive clay soil can be addressed effectively without removing the main cause of the failure. There are piers around the perimeter of the building that connect the foundation to the ground beneath it, which is stable because of little to no moisture change. The piling systems can also be used for the support of various kinds of containers, hot tubs, decks, porches, patios, and other structures that do not require foundations.

House Raising

A smart decision is to hire a group of professional contractors like Bats Foundation Repair of Leander—local experts with many years of experience—to elevate your home. It is our goal to make your entire experience as painless as possible, ensuring that you feel no stress at all throughout the entire process. We will devote an individual home raising specialist to you and your particular case, which we will make sure gets the best price possible to raise your house. Most of the time, you can have your house raised without any out-of-pocket costs for whatever reason.

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